Advanced Photography Workshop
(guests are required to have cameras with manual controls and will need to have a good grasp of the basics of photography, such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO)
If you have any special suggestions that you'd like me to cover please let me know. If they're within my sphere of knowledge and experience, I'll see whether they might be interesting to everyone on the course and therefore suitable for inclusion.

Note that the week is not suitable for point and shoot cameras. Here are just a few of many reasons why!
Enjoy shooting at one of France's leading bird reserves at Le Teich on the southeast corner of Arcachon bay
Experience some challenging available light shooting in an old forge (private sessions, also exclusive to us)
Painting Photography France Advanced Photography holiday shooting blacksmith
Our very popular Advanced Photography weeks are limited to a maximum of four people as regards the number of photography guests, but accompanying painters or 'non-participants' are of course welcome as always!

Building on the knowledge you've already acquired (e.g. a knowledge of aperture, shutter and ISO control), we'll be taking your photography to a new level by covering the following topics (in no particular order of importance):
Shooting at an Equestrian Centre - freezing action, panning, etc.
Full day trip to Bordeaux - street, city, and night photography (see below)*
Photographing at Night whilst Painting with Light
Full day trip to Le Teich bird reserve - Bird and wildlife photography  (see below)** 
Creating a cheap but effective Home Studio on a budget
Advanced Flash Techniques
More about RAW and post-processing
11:00 a.m. departure
12:45 p.m. Lunch at 'L'Ombiére', a bistro in the lovely Place du Parlement in the old city
Afternoon - photographing at le Miroir d'Eau and in the city centre plus a short trip up the quays by car to photograph the German U-Boat pens and the Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas (the largest lifting bridge in Europe)
Evening - picnic in the park on the opposite bank of the Garonne
Photographing Bordeaux's Miroir d'Eau and Place de la Bourse by night
Late arrival back home
* The Trip to Bordeaux is planned as follows (subject to change)
For more information and images on the subject of Bordeaux - click here
Jill Fellows and Peter Evans Painting Photography Holidays in France
Non-participators are very welcome too!  Please click here for full details
Then learn action photography like this, using slow shutter speeds
The Decisive Moment!      Learn action photography like this, using fast shutter speeds
"Hello to all Pete's photography guests keen to learn more!" says André Maltaverne, forgeron extraordinaire
Learn creative lighting using a single off-camera flash
Both images below were produced by proper control of the camera; they were not created in Photoshop

Shooting for Black & White in low light in an 18thC blacksmith's shop and flour mill with horizontal water-wheel.
Note : The forge and mill are operated and maintained by volunteers. Guests are asked to make a donation on exit.
An in-depth study of composition and what makes an appealing photograph
Learn how to paint with light, using an ordinary household torch
That's how the trees were lit in this 'Supermoon Total Eclipse' shot at 03:30 on 28/09/2015
And how the foreground was lit in this image of the ruined church just opposite your accommodation
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** The Trip to Le Teich bird reserve is planned as follows :
10:30 a.m. departure - drive through the forest of Les Landes
12:30 p.m. Lunch at Le Delta Brasserie, Le Teich, adjacent to the bird reserve
Afternoon and early evening - photographing at the bird reserve.
Picnic by the yacht marina, adjacent to the bird reserve
Late arrival back home

The visit to the reserve involves a 6 km walk (taken slowly) with stops at 20 hides.

Click the image below to go to the reserve's own website