Take a map of our region and a compass, then draw  a  "two hour travel-time circle" with Painting Photography France at the centre.

Inside that circle you will find an amazingly wide variety of beautiful scenery in whichever direction you choose to travel (which is why we chose to be here!)
Around and Beyond
Within ten minutes, you have our local town, Tonneins, and the magnificent River Garonne, and within five minutes of the house you have the Canal Latéral.

The Canal Latéral forms part of France's longest navigable artificial waterway, the Canal des Deux Mers.  This is the only canal ever to have been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Take a  fifteen minute drive to the south or to the east and you will  find yourself travelling amongst the ancient hilltop 'bastide' towns and villages of an area many people see as similar to Tuscany.

60 minutes to the north-west would see you leaving the myriad world-famous vineyards of the region and crossing the River Garonne via  the Pont-de-Pierre in beautiful Bordeaux, France's most elegant city, the model for Paris, (and now also a UNESCO World Heritage Site).
france painting and photography holiday bordeaux
In the same time-frame, but travelling north-east, you would be viewing the valley of the Dordogne, similar scenery in many ways to the hills and valleys of the Lot-et-Garonne. Unfortunately, you will find yourself sharing the Dordogne scenery with hordes of other tourists. Fortunately, few of them are aware of what lies further south!
In around an hour and a half to the west, you could be gazing down huge stretches of beach, enjoying tranquil coastal lakes, or swimming in the Atlantic ocean.

Travelling in the opposite direction, ninety minutes would see you exploring the wondrous waterfalls and gorges of the Tarn.

(photos - le Conseil Régional d'Aquitaine)
france painting and photography holiday canal laterale a la garonne
And finally, just about two hours directly to the south of us, we find the stunning  Pyrénées, the mountain range which rises to 10,000 feet and forms a natural barrier between France from Spain.

If you're travelling under your own steam after you leave us, the Basque area is a must see!
So, there you have it. We live in a beautiful, virtually undiscovered part of a beautiful country, with stunning, varied scenery everywhere you look.

Plus you travel with us in comfort and good company. All this is yours when you choose to pay a visit to us here at..painting-photography-france
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