Jill Fellows teaching painting in France
artwork 2  by Jill Fellows
artwork 3  by Jill Fellows
artwork 1  by Jill Fellows
Jill Fellows - Your Painting Tutor

"Jill is a patient and sensitive teacher with a very good knowledge of water colour painting, and painting in general, and knows how to pass that knowledge on in an easy to understand way."

Jade tenKate - Teacher - Wollongong  - Australia
Jill Fellows is a prize-winning artist with a special interest in watercolour townscapes. She studied at Wolverhampton Art College in the UK (now the Wolverhampton University School of Art & Design) and has exhibited and accepted commissions on a regular basis.

Although a substantial number of topics is covered during each of Jill's painting and drawing weeks, Jill doesn't believe in giving dogmatic, classroom-style tuition. Therefore group instruction is not a concept you will find at Painting Photography France.
"I realised from the beginning that it would be highly unlikely for us to have several guests here at the same time with the same level of experience and with the same needs," Jill says, "Therefore I took the decision to deal with every single guest as an individual. This is why we don't advertise 'courses' or workshops'. In any case I would really hate to be stuck in a classroom lecturing; I much prefer to be out and about with my guests, helping each one to express his or her own interpretation of this beautiful environment from the outset."

Consequently, Jill uses real-time, practical, hands-on methods, taking her painting guests out into the countryside or into local villages, working with them plein-air, offering encouragement, guidance, instruction and advice with technique on an individual basis as and when needed.
painting tuition at Latour-Marliac in France
This encourages individuality and freedom of expression in her guests' work and makes for a more enjoyable painting experience for them. "And the feedback from guests has shown it to be a very popular method of working," she says, "Indeed, one of the nicest things that has happened to me since we started was to receive a lovely 'Thank You' card  in the post from a guest who had been on a painting holiday here some ten days previously. It said, quite simply, 'Thank you Jill for being there when I needed you and for not being there when I didn't.'
In the photos above, Jill can be seen giving guidance at Les Ets Botaniques Latour-Marliac, the nursery where Monet purchased the water-lilies for his garden at Giverny.

On the left she gives some sketching advice in the pretty Bastide village of Vianne (picture by photography guest, Richard Deane from the UK)

"I love being out in the field  working with other painters," Jill concludes, "whether they are experienced artists or picking up a brush for the first time' it's always enjoyable for me."
painting holiday tuition at Vianne in France
Some examples of the diversity covered by Jill's work can be seen below :
Jill Fellows gives painting tuition in France
Ballerinas - after Dégas - Watercolour
Playing by the Sea - One of a series - Acrylics on Board
Anemones - Mixed media -  Pen, Charcoal and Watercolour
Jill Fellows and Peter Evans Painting Photography Holidays in France
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Sunflowers - Acrylics on Canvas

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Moulin d'Henri IV - Watercolour and pen
Winning Watercolour - Barbaste
Concours de Peinture Plein Air 2017