"Thanks Pete. I learned so much! So looking forward to putting it into practice at home. Thanks for your patience and wealth of knowledge - it's amazing!"
Pete (as he prefers to be called) has diverse photographic experience. At one end of the scale he has photographed Miss United Kingdom, Miss France, Miss Europe and Miss World whilst, at the other, he has produced a four metre wide landscape, photographed from a two-seat aircraft using a view-camera and 7"x 5" sheet film. He has also photographed Prince Charles (as an accredited photographer) and the actress Julie Christie (as a friend).

Over the years Pete's photographs have appeared in numerous 'Glossies',  in catalogues and brochures, on advertising posters and product packaging, on boardroom and CEO office walls, on calendars and postcards, in British newspapers, and in various French publications. Although he has now eased down several gears, Pete still gets the occasional call from Associated Newspapers, London whenever they need a photo-shoot in southwest France.
Peter Evans - Your Photography Tutor
Vivienne Ward - Photographer - Hunter Valley - Australia
www.vivienneward.com    -    facebook.com/VivienneWardPhotography
peter evans photographer at painting photography france
He has recently been involved in three major projects:
'Sense & Sensuality' - a coffee-table book of black and white photographs which pays 'un petit hommage' to Helmut Newton, one of Pete's influences. Project ongoing. Publication date to be determined.
a book on the subject of water lilies which was published by Garden Art Press in November 2015. The book is published in two versions, English and French, and is available from your regional Amazon store or from your favourite bookseller worldwide. Simply search for :
ISBN: 9781870673839 (English version)
The importance of composition is explained
to two guests, from Belgium and the UK
peter evans gives photography tuition on holiday in France
photo by Australian photography guest
Malcolm Edward-Cole
Although experienced in most types of film and darkroom techniques (working in both B&W and colour), Pete has shot 100% digital since 2002.

"Like Jill, I don't favour the classroom style at all," Pete says, "Each one of my guests receives individual attention based on his or her own knowledge, ability and camera used. And, also like Jill, I give my guidance hands on, while we're actually out working in the field," as per the photos shown here.
On the subject of cameras used, Pete firmly believes John Hedgecoe's adage that 'cameras don't make pictures, people do.' 
peter evans gives photography instruction in France
peter evans photography teaching holiday in France
As a result, he discourages obsession with equipment and encourages visual awareness and an understanding of image creation. 'If I knew how to take the perfect photograph, I'd do it every time!' Pete jokes, paraphrasing the renowned quote from another of his influences, the famous French photographer Robert Doisneau.
A Canadian guest learns how to avoid
the problem of 'camera-shake'
Explaining the challenge of shooting a game of Petanque in
high contrast lighting conditions

both photos by British photography guest, Richard Epworth
Two of Pete's former guests, Ed Gowing from Australia and Alison Walker from the UK,  have since gone on to pursue photography in a professional capacity. "It made me very happy to hear that news," he says, "That really is enormously rewarding for me."
Pete's photographs are available for purchase from his own website -  peter-evans-photographer.com
Peter Evans has had a passion for photography since he was eleven years old. At the age of 28, after several years in management with a UK, FTSE-30 company, he quit his day job and set up as a full-time freelance photographer.
a coffee-table book on the subject of Bordeaux as a city of youth and fashion which is in collaboration with ESMOD school of fashion and design. Project ongoing. Publication date to be determined.
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"Joking aside, it is truly impossible to define exactly what makes 'a good photograph'," he says, "So I approach the task from a different angle; I teach guests how to avoid making a bad one."